Webinar: Cyber-Security for Associations

Is your association safe?

As recent headlines demonstrate, privacy breaches are an increasing threat to organizations of all sizes. Associations need to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to protecting themselves and the privacy of their members and stakeholders. Join lawyer Steve Indig and computer engineer and security expert Dom Chorafakis for this one-hour webinar as they explore the risks as well as the cyber-security best practices and counter-measures your organization can take to protect itself.

Participants in this session will:

  • Discuss the Federal & Provincial Privacy Legislation and Regulators
  • Explore current industry regulations
  • Discover current trends and cyber threat information
  • Review a guide to effective cyber security strategy development
  • Discuss privacy considerations for hosted and cloud based services
  • Explore the top 3 techniques hackers use to breach organizations and how to stop them

When: April 19th, 2018, 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST