Proven security appliance
Mature industry leading security appliance provides advanced cybersecurity features traditionally only used by large enterprises.

Benefit: Protect your business with Enterprise grade security at a small business price point.
Inline Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion Prevention inspects all inbound and outbound traffic to protect against known and emerging cyber security threats.

Benefit: Detect and block malicious activity outside and inside your network.
Reduced Attack Surface
Advanced firewall rules restrict traffic to and from specific countries, reducing unnecessary exposure to remote threats.

Benefit: Reduce risk by limiting the locations from which your systems can be accessed.
Continuous Updates
Appliance software versions and patches are actively monitored to ensure your systems are always up to date with the latest security patches and features.

Benefit: Prevent obsolete or vulnerable software and eliminate one of the primary causes of security breaches.
Monitoring and Alerting
Cloud services and security experts monitor your systems. Automatic SMS and Email alerts enable rapid response to critical security events.

Benefit: Quickly respond to critical issues and threats and minimize the impact of potential security breaches.
Remote scans
Cloud security scanners check external access to your network, protecting it from unauthorized access due to incorrect security policies or configuration errors.

Benefit: Prevent breaches caused by human error and common firewall misconfigurations.