Cyber Security Services

Secure software development & product security consulting
We work with your engineering staff to ensure security is built into your products and services through every stage of the development lifecycle. We also provide full outsourced development services using highly skilled professionals located exclusively in Canada.

Threat risk assessments and Penetration testing
Analyse your systems and processes to identify threats and make recommendations to protect critical systems and data.


Security analysis, design and implementation
Conduct in-depth analysis of the security posture of your products or business and design solutions to protect against hackers.


Cyber Security intelligence & advisory services
Gather and monitor cyber security intelligence relevant to your business and provide actionable advice to mitigate risks.


Real-time remote monitoring and intrusion prevention
Proactively monitor your systems and protect against threats such as data breaches, ransomware and other emerging cyber threats.


Technology recommendations, integration & optimization
We continuously research new third party products and solutions, make recommendations on the best options for your business and work with your IT department to integrate and optimize them within your environment.


Cyber Security awareness education
Training is a critical component to any cyber security initiative to ensure your staff are able to recognize threats and know how to respond when they occur.