About Akouto

Dom Chorafakis, Founder & Principal Technical Consultant


Dominic is a Computer Engineer with expertise in cyber security, computer networking and telecommunications. Driven by a passion for technology and innovation, during his 24+ year career Dominic has been a key contributor to some of the most successful high-tech organizations around the world.

Starting in Montreal where he developed software for Air Traffic Control applications, Dominic has been a pioneer in architecting and developing highly secure solutions known for their performance, quality and reliability. Prior to founding Akouto he led a team of Engineers at BlackBerry developing a solution to protect encryption keys programmed in next generation BlackBerry devices during the manufacturing process.

Previously, Dominic held a number of technical and management roles designing and developing software for a variety of cyber security, networking and telecommunications products including

  • A Security Router providing Stateful Firewall, Virtual Private Networking and Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention functions that obtained Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) certification
  • A Proxy Firewall that was the first of its kind to pass Common Criterial vulnerability analysis and obtain EAL5 certification
  • A Voice Over IP (VoIP) Security Gateway protecting IP based voice communications from a variety of attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Software security modules leveraging industry standards and cryptography to secure voice communications from unauthorized monitoring and disruption
  • Software system for managing cryptographic suites used to secure data and voice communication between computer network endpoints

Dominic is actively engaged in cybersecurity research and development, providing Akouto clients with the latest tools and knowledge needed to defend against a constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.

Sonia Chorafakis, Principal Learning Architect


A seasoned and certified training professional with extensive experience in developing learning and performance support solutions involving training design, facilitation and evaluation.

With over 13 years of experience Sonia’s expertise spans several disciplines including training project management, education program development and sales and leadership training design and implementation. Experienced at translating organizational goals and high level learning concepts into performance and results oriented training programs with evaluation models to measure success, Sonia has successfully led several large, complex, national training projects for organizations including Fido, TELUS, American Express and the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.

With a strong grasp of e-learning technologies and trends within the field of adult education, performance management and consulting, Sonia’s strategic approach to learning architecture design has delivered exceptional results to industry leaders and global Fortune 500 organizations.