Ross Williams, Associate Consultant 

rossRoss is a highly respected, quality conscious and team empowering contributor with balanced experience as a software developer and manager across the software/product development life cycle. With twenty-plus years directly developing quality software and hardware solutions for networking and telecommunication security products including routers, firewalls, carrier grade policy traffic switches, email, web messaging and Point-of-sale network appliances, Ross has hands-on software and product development life cycle implementation expertise with various IP Protocols, WAN, FreeBSD/Linux/VxWorks operating systems, SDKs, in-house embedded hardware development as well as managing OEM hardware selection/qualification.

Pradeep Arora, Associate Consultant 

pradeepPradeep brings extensive experience in Product Software Development and Project Management.  A results and bottom line oriented winning team leader/player, Pradeep has excellent communication and problem solving skills and full software life cycle development expertise.  His specialities include Project/Team management with technical expertise in Operating Systems, Hardware Abstraction Layer, and Platform services. Pradeep has developed software and managed projects on platforms ranging from embedded networking products such as routers, VPN / Firewall appliances, switches, wifi access points/controllers as well as applications running on cell phones and automotive platforms.

Alex Fanourgiakis, Associate Consultant 

alex Alex is the founder of Echo Risk Assessments Inc. Providing a wide range of services which include Threat Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing, Alex has vast knowledge of and experience in the Information Security industry. With Enhanced Security clearance and significant experience working with government agencies, fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses Alex is able to effortlessly scope and deliver projects that match the needs of private or public sector clients of any size.